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About Us

MTLHT Installation was founded on values to provide top quality brands and services to clients looking for only the best quality installation available today!

Before you shop around for a lower price, consider the factors mentioned below!

There are hundreds of contractors offering professional TV installation services, and most work without any business number, RBQ license nor insurance. What this means is that if something were to happen while they were on site or after they have left, there is absolutely no liability. Who will you call when they don't answer your calls?

We are one of the only companies in Montreal specialized in TV installation and home theater wiring working with all the paperwork mentioned above. That gives you a 2,000,000 liability coverage through Intact Insurance, a 40,000$ caution (work quality coverage through the RBQ) as well as a warranty on products and services directly through us.

Don't fall for the trap and believe those who say a license is not required!

- This license is required by any contractor you may hire for your home!

- This entitles you "the client" a coverage of up to 40 000$ if any less than perfect work were to be done. 

- It is required for any type of work including basic mounting of the TV to the wall. (Annexe III Class 17.2)

- Ensures you hire legal competent workers with proper training and knowledge of construction codes.

- It is your job to ensure those you hire are licensed. Those hiring unlicensed workers can face fines up to 25,000$

- It's the law! Respect it, it’s for your safety!

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We pride ourselves in quality work, and find solutions to pass wires just about anywhere through your home without damage to the drywall in order to maintain the beauty of your home.

We supply top brands such as SANUS, Polk Audio, KEF, Rocketfish, Monster, ERGOTRON as well as many MTLHT branded cost efficient products.

Of all licensed Businesses out there, we charge by far... the lowest hourly rate, perform the most amount of TV installations, and promise you the highest quality service out there.

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